Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Argoladi is an organic, early harvest extra virgin olive oil. It is a blend of Manaki and Koroneiki olives and is cold-pressed within hours of picking, mixed, and bottled unfiltered. It is produced in Kranidi, Argolida, Greece. Argoladi is a well-balanced medium intensity oil with mild astringency. It has a strong aroma of olive fruit and grass, and is described as fruity, bitter, and pungent.
Our olives are harvested by hand from more than 2000 olive trees on a 75 acre estate in Kranidi, a small town in the Argolida region of Greece. The trees are of the Koroneiki and Manaki varieties, two highly regarded types of
olives for oil production. They are harvested early in the season while still green. Although these fresh green olives contain less oil than the ripe black olives harvested later in the season, they tend to be richer in polyphenols and other anti-oxidants, further enhancing the well-known healthful properties of olive oil. Each variety of olives is picked at the optimal time and the oil is obtained by cold-pressing the olives within hours of their harvest. The oils are then mixed together to yield a remarkable blend with a rich green color and great taste. The can helps to protect the oil from the light.